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6 Important Tips Of Getting Perfect Product Photos For Your Store – Plobal Apps

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One of the most important thing for all the e-commerce businesses is that the perceived value of the products and the trustworthiness of your business is mostly judged by the quality of your website design and one of the big part of having a beautiful and attractive website also means having a high-quality beautiful product photos.

Showing your products with HD quality images can also be a winning difference between a conversion and no sale at all. This will have all the more impact if you are selling your products on any of the e-commerce stores like Amazon where they show the products of your competitors alongside yours or you are using social media platforms like Pinterest

There are many different ways through which you can click awesome product photos but today I am going to show you today is how to use window light technique to click the perfect picture for your products. This tutorial is only for the business owner who is on a budget, it’s a very simple of clicking the best product images of all times.


  1.       Plan your Shot

Make sure that you have the idea of how your shoot day will proceed before you start organizing the place. You should have all the materials that you might need when you clicking pictures of your products.

  1.       Prep your Studio

Make sure that you are consistent in your product photos, you will have to maintain that consistency from shot to shot and from shoot to shoot, so make sure that you have documented everything. There is an easy way to record the position of every object that you have used to shot the 1st pictures as it will be easier for you to replicate the same

  1.       Style your Product

You have to make sure that you are using your products in the best possible way prior to the shoot and then styling each products between the shots. Remove all the tags and stickers, any damage to the products, if there any make sure that you repair them all

  1.       Capture your Shot

You should have all the time in the world while clicking these pictures of your products, you should take first few test shots and adjust your camera settings accordingly. Once everything is as per your expectations, then you can click the perfect shot

  1.       Process your images

Once you are done clicking all the shots that you wanted for your products, then make sure that you process them properly and they should be ready to go live on web

  1.       Review and Publish

Once everything is done, make sure that you get it reviewed by some other person one final time before you upload the same on your website. A fresh set of eyes will always help you in making sure that there is nothing in the images which can hamper your products.

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