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How to do an exchange on Shopify

The best way you can follow to exchange items on Shoipfy is to first Refund it, and then use credit purchase to re-order the new item.

If only a part of the refund is being used to purchase new order, then you divide the refund to the original payment method and store credit. The payment made by the original payment method can be returned to the customer, and the remaining can be paid by store credit to re-purchase.

This process will help you to:

  • Reconcile end-of-day reports
  • Reconcile inventory levels
  • Evade making credit card refunds which will further minimize transaction fees.


How to make exchange via Store Credit?

  • Go to the Orders screen, click on the order made by the customer to get its details.
  • Click Refund Order
  • Enter the quantity returned, using + and – button
  • To re-stock the returned items, click the Restock option.
  • Enable the Issue store credit option
  • Click Refund
  • Refund Payment window will pop-up, check the amount mentioned in the right of the store credit is correct.

If the returned product is less expensive than the re-purchased, then you can take additional payment at checkout.

If the returned product is more expensive than the re-purchased, then refund only the cost of the new product to the store credit, and move the balance to original payment method.

  • Then click Refund
  • Once completed, then click Done
  • Create a new order for the re-purchased product, and then click
  • Go to the Store Payment tab, and then click Store Credit and enter the amount of store credit you have issued to the customer.
  • For outstanding balance, click Add payment to get the additional payment from the customer.
  • Finally, click on Complete Order, if the payment amount shown is correct.


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