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How to remove powered by Shopify

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If you don’t want to show powered by Shopify at the footer of your website, you can get the same removed. There are 2 ways through which you can remove the text “Powered by Shopify” and you can chose whichever you find it easier.


By editing your theme’s language settings
1.Login to your shopify admin panel and then go to the online stores and then to your themes
2.Please select the theme that you want to edit, then select Actions and then click Edit Language
3.When you find the Filter Translation Box, type “Powered”
4.Once you find powered by Shopify box, type a single space
5.The faded placeholder text will disappear, if you want to edit the password protected store, you can repeat the same steps for the “Powered by Shopify HTML” box, which appears on your store’s “Opening Soon” page
6.Once its updated, click on save


By editing the footer.liquid
1 Login to you Shopify admin panel and go to the online store and then click on themes
2.Please select the theme that you want to edit, select the actions and then select the Edit code
3.In the sections folder, open the footer.liquid file
4.You can use Control + F on the windows PC or Command + F on a MacBook and search for “powered_by_link”
5.Once you find the same, please delete it
6.Once you delete, click on Save


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