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How to get Shopify for Free

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Although you cannot get Shopify for Free but you can enjoy the 14 days of free trial for Shopify. If you want to see what all Shopify offers before committing to an active plan, you can subscribe for their 14 days free trial. You will not need to cancel your account, if you have not subscribed for any active plan.

You can try all of shopify plans – Shopify Lite, Basic, advanced etc. in the 14 days of free trial as Shopify offers some great features for the creation of your online store. You can use these 14 days of free trial to get to know all the features that Shopify has to offer and then can take an informed decision for your business.

To make sure that you get the most of these 14 days of free trial, Please follow these things

To see how the products and description is coming on your website, make sure that you add few products on your website

Create few collections to see how your products look in an organized manner

See the compatibility of Shopify payments or any other 3rd party payment provider that you want to use is supported

Configure and familiarize your settings page in your Shopify admin panel

You can also use Shopify theme and app store, theme store will help you to choose a specific theme for your website to have and apps will help you to expand on what you can do with your store.

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