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How to remove powered by BigCommerce – Stencil Theme

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Stencil themes are different from the traditional free or legacy Blueprint themes offered for BigCommerce stores.

It’s much easier and a few ‘stencil themes’ even provide the ability to easily toggle the ‘powered by BigCommerce’ function in the footer of the website.

You can follow these steps:

  • Login to your BigCommerce store
  • Navigate to ‘Storefront Designs’ and go to ‘My Themes’
  • Select the ‘Customise’ option
  • On the left navigation panel, choose the “Footer” option and uncheck or deselect the show theme credits option
  • Select “Refresh” to view the changes
  • Click on Apply Theme Changes for the change to appear on the Live Store of your business

Pro Tip:

  • Depending on the chosen Stencil them, the location of the option to view and deselect the ‘show theme credits’ might vary

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