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How to remove powered by BigCommerce for Blueprint themes

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Follow these steps to remove the “Powered by BigCommerce’ or “Shopping cart software by BigCommerce” text and links from your BigCommerce Store & Website:

  • Login to your BigCommerce admin panel
  • Navigate to Storefront Design and click on ‘My Themes’
  • Go to Edit HTML/CSS
  • On the left hand side panel, go to the list of ‘Other Template Files’
  • Click and select Footer.html
  • Search and delete the following code line in the file: %%GLOBAL_PoweredBy%%
  • Click on save changes

For Mobile version of your website, if you wish to remove the “Powered by BigCommerce” or “Shopping Cart Software by BigCommerce” links, you can easily setup the same by following the same steps to customise your mobile template files and delete or erase the following code: %%GLOBAL_PoweredBy%% from the footer.html file in your mobile template.


Pro Tip:

It’s most recommended to take a backup of your existing theme before making any changes to your website/theme on your BigCommerce online store

Every theme may have customised this powered by or shopping cart software by BigCommerce differently. It’s always best if you use CTRL F or Command F and locate the following code: %%GLOBAL_PoweredBy%% and delete or erase the HTML element from its respective span tag, paragraph tag in the HTML body.

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