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How to change order of products in Shopify

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The products in a collection appear in the sort order that you have selected. The collection appears with the same order on the store. The products are sorted alphabetically by default.


You also have the option of selecting from the following sorting options:


  • Manually
  • By Best Selling
  • Alphabetically: A-Z
  • Alphabetically: Z-A
  • By price: Highest to Lowest
  • By price: Lowest to highest
  • By date: Newest to oldest
  • By date: Oldest to newest



Please Note:

Sorting By Best Selling is based on the regularity of a product variant being included in the orders over the last 30 day period and not by the number of variant units that have actually been sold. The collection sorting is calculated weekly.


You can change the display order of the products in a collection by following these steps:


  1.       On the Shopify admin, click Products and then click on Collections
  2.       Select a collection in which you want to change the order
  3.       In the Products section, click on the drop down list that you see beside the Sort button
  4.       Select the order that you would like to choose
  5.       If you select Manually, then you have to click and drag the products to reorder them
  6.       Once it is done, click on Save


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