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How to Embed Youtube Videos in Shopify Store – Plobal Apps

Embed youtube videos

Videos are a very powerful tool when it comes to convincing a client about your product. The best way to ensure your products are sold like hot cakes is by embedding a YouTube video to your Shopify store.

There are various methods of doing this, one of them could be creating a page, product or blog post and embed the video on the page directly or you can use an app on Shopify app store for doing so.

This article will run through the steps to embed youtube videos in your Shopify store with the help of Rich Text Editor.

To embed youtube videos in blog posts, pages, product descriptions, and collection descriptions using the rich text editor just follow the below steps:

– Copy the video’s URL from YouTube
– you can then visit a video embed service website like
– on embed responsively click the video service your video is hosted on. In our case its YouTube.
– paste the YouTube video URL and click Embed for generating the embed code.
– If your video is from YouTube and you don’t want it to show related videos when it’s finished playing, find the video’s URL in the embed code, and then copy and paste ?rel=0 at the end within the quotation marks:
– Copy the entire code and In your Shopify admin, click the Insert video button in the rich text editor:
– Paste the embed code into the insert video dialog.
– Click insert video and save.


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