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How to hide a product on shopify

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When you own an online store, you’ll know that there are times when you need to hide some of your products from the website. This could be due to a number of reasons such as product not being  available, or you want to run an offer exclusively for your app users, or so on and so forth.

The good part is, you can hide your products from your website and once you’re ready to sell them again, you can easily make them available to all your users, again.

Here’s how you hide and unhide your products on your Shopify store:

  • Open your Shopify Admin and click ‘Products’.
  • Select ‘Product List’
  • Choose the product that you want to edit.
  • In case you want to add a new product, click on ‘Add a product’.
  • Keep the visibility section blank if you wish to hide the product.  
  • If you wish to showcase your product to your users, check ‘Online Store’ and your product will be visible on your store.


  • Step #1: Go to your Shopify Admin and click “Products”:
  • Step #2: Then click “Product List”:
  • Step #3: Click the name of the product to edit or if you are adding a new product, click “Add a product”:
  • Step #4: In the Visibility section, check “Online Store” to make the product visible within the store.

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