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How To Make Shopify Store Live – Plobal Apps

Make Shopify Store Live

After you have done all the hard work to set up your Shopify Store, you have to follow the following steps
to make shopify store live

  1. Add new domain to Shopify – Once you are ready to go live and have got the domain of
    your choice, please log in to Shopify Admin panel and then go to settings and then select domains
    and then add your domain using “Add an existing domain” button
  2. Update DNS record – Login to your domain registrar and make the following changes to the
    DNS records: please replace the @ or main A record with this IP address: also you have
    to replace the www CNAME with
  3. Remove any storefront Passwords – Make sure that you have removed all the storefront
    passwords as no one will be able to visit your website
  4. Set as Primary if relevant – You can choose your main domain by going to the settings
    tab in your Shopify admin panel and then to domains, also make sure that all the traffic is redirected
    to this domain which basically means that traffic to all other domains are redirected to your primary
    domain which will help you with good SEO

Final things that you should check before launching the Shopify Store

  1. Make sure that you check the content and the images of all the products one final time
    so that you are sure that there are no errors what so ever
  2. Make sure all the links on your website are working properly
  3. If you had any old promotional codes on your old website, please make sure that you have
    set the same on your new store as well and are working with the new store.


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