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Simple Hacks to Boost Your Sales In Holiday Season 2016 – Part 2

Holiday season 2016

The Holiday Season is just around the corner! We hope you had a chance to try out our quick actionable strategies that we shared with you in the previous post.

5 handy hacks that you can STEAL to boost your sales in Holiday Season 2016

Optimise Your Website

You’re headed towards massive traffic spikes in the holiday season. Ensure that the page loading time of your site and mobile app is minimal. Since page loading time is an integral part of user experience, implement sophisticated traffic management, optimise your content, clear your databases and get the latest version of your theme. Forrester Consulting concluded from a survey that 47 percent of online consumers expect a website to load within two seconds. Tick-tock…time’s running out!

Make Payment Easy

Mobile apps can make the payment process simple through their own customisations, which allows customers to input their payment information and store it for use during future purchases. Way better than pulling out your credit card each time you buy online. Mobile wallets began as a payment application, but now, they’re an excellent mobile marketing platform invoking customer engagement. Be smart and leverage Apple pay. Just integrate it into your app for seamless checkouts.

Pay Attention To Your Logistics

Check your shipping provider’s performance over the last few months, and if it’s lacking, consider finding someone new. For guaranteed delivery dates and free shipping during the holidays, you’ll first have to make sure that you can afford it, as well as make it happen.

Consider hiring additional seasonal staff to meet the rising needs. Of course, you need to be well stocked, following careful inventory planning and forecasts about which products will sell. Returns are a big bother. Make sure you have an excellent returns policy in place that is explicitly stated on your website. This will also ease customer anxiety, resulting in increased sales.

Optimise The Social Experience

Never underestimate the power of social media! Make it easy to share products through optimised social media share buttons placed prominently on your site. Mobile apps seem especially convenient for this feature. You could also use contests over social media to generate interest and optimise customer engagement.

Leverage Facebook

Facebook is extremely business-friendly. Activate the new Shop section of your page so customers may purchase directly from your Facebook page. Pinned updates were found to attract 30 extra views, three extra ‘likes’, and three extra ‘shares’ within a 24-hour period, so you might try that. Nothing gathers a crowd like contests and quizzes so go for it!

How many of these can you tick off your holiday checklist? Perhaps it’s time to put away that pumpkin pie and get your plans in motion, to make sure your sales go through the roof this holiday season.


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