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14 Push Notifications To Stand Out in December

14 push notifications every brand should send out in December.

The holiday season demands that a brand stands apart to succeed. An all-rounder approach with personalized communication is what you need to attract customers. Undeniably, one great way to keep them engaged is through push notifications. 

“Push Notifications go where email & SMS can’t – while you can reach out to your audience for totally free.”

Push notifications can attract customers that have slipped through other means of communication with an opt-in rate of 90%.

Push notifications versus SMS and Email.

Stay tuned till the end for some extra tips to give a holiday theme for your push notifications.

14 push notifications that people can’t ignore

Christmas welcome campaign  

These push notifications should be sent to first-time shoppers and new customers because these will help mould their perception of your brand. This encourages them to purchase from your app. 

A typical Christmas push notification.
  • First-time shopper promotional code notification

Welcome new customers with a private promotional code for their first purchase. 

  • Countdown to Christmas notification

Send out countdown messages leading up to Christmas with deals and discounts. You can also target days like ‘Christmas card day’ (9th December) which will help invoke the Christmas spirit. 

  • Welcome gift notification

Run an additional offer as an incentive for first-time customers which could be a small gift or even free delivery/shipping. 

A notification enticing new customers with a free gift.

Christmas gifting campaign

Gifting is the essence of the holiday season. The easier you can make gifting for your customers, the more they will be attracted to your products. Here are some notifications to send out, that’ll help achieve that:

  • Gift guide notification

Create a gift guide within your app with different categories. Basically, this ensures that your customers can buy for all their loved ones conveniently. These guides could be sorted by different categories like gender, age, relationship, etc. 

A push notification alerting customers of a brand's gift guide options.
  • Gift set/bundles notification

Creating gift sets and bundles help attract customers which sets you apart from other brands. Bundles can be made out of complementary, similar, or themed products. Besides, if you’re more inclined towards trying something experimental, you can promote flash sale bundles and mystery bundles.

  • Gift card notification

 Send out notifications that remind customers about gift cards and other payment options for their holiday shopping. 

  • Gifts for under $X notification

Make it easier for customers shopping on a budget by segmenting your products by different price scales. 

  • Stocking-stuffers notification

Let customers know about any special offers or products that can double as the perfect stocking-stuffers.

A notification alerting customers of a brand's stocking stuffers options.

Discount campaigns

Every shopper loves a good discount. Hence, inform your target audience about the discounts you are running by sending out push notifications. Here are some types of discount notifications: 

  • Limited-time deals notification

There is no motivation more effective than some good-old FOMO (fear of missing out). Trigger FOMO by sending push notifications about deals that are only valid for a certain period. This helps create urgency for the customer and pushes them to buy something as soon as they see it. Multiply this sense of urgency by including the validity period in the notification. Two examples of this are:

  1. Deal-of-the-day notification
  2. Deal-of-the-week notification
  3. Flash sale notification
  •  Giveaway notification

Giveaways are often hosted by brands to engage their customers. Moreover, a holiday-themed giveaway is like a cherry on top. Notify your customers about what they can win with a notification. 

  • Free delivery/ shipping notification

Waive delivery or shipping charges to encourage your customers to buy. You can also take advantage of ‘free shipping day’ (14th December) to run special offers.

A push notification enticing customers with free delivery and/or shipping.
  • Holiday rewards program notification

A reward program can help retain your customers. It is also a great way to thank them. You can certainly reward loyal customers with extra points. If not, then just remind them about outstanding points that can be utilized for holiday shopping.  

  • Post-Christmas sale notification

The holiday spirit lasts way beyond Christmas day. So, take advantage of the jolly mood of your customers by running a post-Christmas sale. 

A notification alerting customers of post-Christmas sale.

Tips for Christmas branding in push notifications

Tips for adding a festive theme to your push notifications.

For brands, Christmas is all about connecting with your customers and above all, being part of their festive cheer. Sending out themed messages is an easy way to accomplish this. Here’s what you can do:

  • Logo

Update your logo to give it a festive look with Christmas elements like a Santa hat, a sleigh, or snow etc.

  • Action Button

Adjust the call to action button with complementary elements and colors to the logos.

  • Image

Custom images grab your customers’ attention and increase the chances of them clicking on your notification. 

  • Colors

Make your message pop out by contrasting Christmas colors with elements.

  • Emojis

Don’t forget to include some Christmas-y emojis in the copy.

Create an unforgettable experience for your customers 

Plobal Apps is not just an app builder. We partner with merchants to succeed together. Our customer success managers help implement the best ecommerce solutions by formulating marketing strategies, especially during the holiday season. 

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