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6 Stats That Will Convince You To Go Mobile With Your Shopify Store

Mobile apps
Mobile apps are rapidly changing the way we shop, eat, travel and interact with each other. Today, consumers want-to-know, want-to-go, want-to-buy, want-to-fly, all with a few clicks and are increasingly turning to their phones as they expect brands to deliver.In the last two years, mobile apps have completely transformed the way businesses operate in the Retail space. So, if you’re a Shopify store owner, you’ll know that simply having a mobile web presence is no longer enough.We’ve collated 6 powerful stats that’ll make you realise why your business needs a Mobile App:

1) 64% of Shopify’s Overall Traffic Comes From Mobile Apps!

You read it right! In a recent Press Release, Shopify reported that in Q2 of 2016, 64% of their traffic came from mobile and 53% of all merchant orders made were made via mobile devices. Which means, your customers are spending more time on their mobile phones than ever before and if you aren’t leveraging mobile as a channel to the fullest, you’re missing out on hot revenue!

2) Mobile Apps Account For 54% Of All Mobile Transactions Globally

A recent study by Criteo reveals that apps close the deal with consumers, delivering more efficient transactions than any other channel. You’ll be amazed to know that, apps drive a larger percentage of shoppers down the purchase funnel and convert 3x more product viewers than mobile web!

3) Shoppers Browse 286% More Products On Mobile Apps v/s Mobile Web

Whether it’s swiping right on Tinder or swiping down to see more products, millennials today love doing things on the go and shopping is no exception! Having a mobile app for your shopify store not only helps you increase your brand presence but also lets you give your customers the most amazing shopping experience at their fingertips! It is reported that shoppers browse browse 286% more products on mobile apps than mobile web resulting in an add-to-cart rate of 90% higher than Mobile Web.

4) Mobile Apps Convert 120% More Than Mobile Web

May it be Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp, people have grown to love apps! They bring convenience and simplicity to the entire experience which is why even online retailers have been witnessing a huge surge in conversions through mobile apps. According to a recent report by Criteo, apps have outdone mobile web by driving maximum sales !

5) Users Spend 201.8 Mins On Mobile Apps v/s 10.9 Minutes On Mobile Web Per Month

“I don’t want customers to spend time on my app”, said no retailer ever. Apparently, retailers with apps that offer advanced capabilities like home screen presence, instant loading, push notifications, personalization and access to native functionality create richer consumer experiences and see a 15% increase in transactions YoY

6) Open Rates For Push Notifications Are 50% Higher v/s Email and CTRs Are 2x More!

One of the key differentiators between mobile apps v/s mobile web are Push notifications. Push notifications deliver messages in real time, even when the user is not actively using the application and/or the mobile screen is locked. They’re a great way to communicate and engage with your customers by telling them about your new arrivals, daily discounts, exclusive deals, end of season sales and lots more.


In recent times, mobile apps have evolved to be a game-changer for most online businesses and are rapidly surpassing mobile web in more ways than one. A great way to instantly increase your mobile conversions is by investing in a beautiful and fully native mobile app.

Tell us what growth strategies have been working best for your online business in the comments section below.



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