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Black Friday 2022: Data on $6.3 Billion in Sales Last Year

Black Friday 2022

Black Friday 2022 is the most profitable day of the year for most Shopify sellers. The holy weekend of eCommerce is essential for the health of the retail industry and the economy. But not having enough insights about what your customers care about can reduce your profit margins.

In 2021, Shopify’s global sales from Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit $6.3 billion, which is only expected to grow. In this article, we’ll give you all the data you’ll need to learn how your customers will spend their time and focus when shopping online this holiday season.

Trends to watch out for on Black Friday 2022

Let’s take a look at the latest eCommerce trends and data from BFCM 2021: 

People prefer relevance and convenience

While discounts are important, people are more likely to shop based on your product’s relevance to their lifestyle and needs. Since there are over 12 million eCommerce companies globally (excluding China), customers will have a lot of online shopping options on Black Friday 2022. Some stores will even offer early discounts starting in October. You’ll need to curate content and product recommendations based on individual interests to stand out. 

Additionally, consumers expect free shipping, especially during major shopping holidays like Black Friday 2022. Free shipping is one of the most critical factors in deciding whether or not to make a purchase online. According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, 23% of shoppers prefer free shipping and fast returns. For eCommerce businesses, offering free shipping can be a competitive advantage, helping to attract and retain customers. However, free shipping also comes with challenges, including higher shipping costs and lower margins. Finding innovative ways to offer free shipping while remaining profitable would be best.

Mobile is (still) king.

73% of all eCommerce sales take place on mobile phones. They are making it a global market of $13 Trillion, which is expected to reach $55.6 Trillion by 2027. While Black Friday is still primarily a brick-and-mortar event, more and more shoppers are turning to their mobile devices to take advantage of deals. This shift has resulted in a need for merchants to have a mobile app for Black Friday. By having an app, you can provide a seamless and convenient shopping experience for your customers. In addition, an app can allow you to push notifications about deals and promotions, which can encourage customers to shop more. And with the ability to segment customer data, merchants can better understand shopping habits and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly. Download our BFCM guide on mobile commerce to learn how to win this year’s holiday season. 

Personalization is key

Considering that 49% of shoppers make impulse buys after receiving personalized messages, personalized messages can be a powerful marketing technique to increase sales. Customized notifications make your customers feel like you’re having a one-on-one conversation with them, making them feel valued and appreciated. This, in turn, encourages them to make spontaneous purchases.

Personalization can take many forms, from recommending products based on past purchases to tailoring the buyer journey to each shopper. By providing a customized experience, merchants can build loyalty and increase customer lifetime value. With eCommerce becoming increasingly crowded, personalization is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity.

Cross-border shopping will increase on Black Friday 2022.

Black Friday 2022

During BFCM 2021, 15% of all orders were cross-border. Customers no longer wanted to be limited to the items available in their local stores. With a few clicks, we can have anything we want delivered right to our doorsteps. This is especially true on big shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when discounts and deals are available from retailers all over the world. As merchants, this allows you to expand your target audience beyond borders. And with mobile app builders like Plobal Apps making it easier than ever to accept currencies from across the world, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this global opportunity.

Community drives sales

Having a brand-driven community gives your customers a sense of belonging. They feel the need to respond to your call to action and want to order more from you. According to a Yotpo survey, 83% of customers said belonging to a loyalty program influences their decision to buy again from a brand. If you don’t have one, you can tap into loyalty programs to grow customer loyalty ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. 

These programs can take many forms, but the most common type is a points-based system, where customers earn points for every purchase. Customers can then redeem these points for discounts or unique gifts. You can also use loyalty programs to encourage customers to become more active on your mobile app or social media channels. For example, customers might earn additional points for sharing product links or writing reviews. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider implementing a loyalty program.

Conversations breed conversions

Starting up conversations with customers could influence their buying decisions. 

Your customers are going to get a lot of messages during the BFCM weekend. So it isn’t a matter of IF you need to have a direct line of communication with your customers. It’s about how to make your messaging standout. A quality messaging system can help to improve customer service, increase sales, and build brand loyalty. Customers who have a positive experience with a merchant are more likely to return in the future and recommend the merchant to others. In addition, a quality messaging system can help to increase efficiency and reduce costs. You can save time and money by automating some customer service processes. 

Live sales boost revenue

Cyber Monday 2022

eCommerce’s explosive growth is due to the ease and convenience of shopping online. Consumers can shop from their homes anytime or at night. However, this ease of shopping also comes with some drawbacks. One major drawback is the lack of interaction between merchants and consumers. With traditional brick-and-mortar stores, shoppers can ask questions, get advice, and get a sense of the merchant’s personality before making a purchase. eCommerce lacks this personal touch, leading to mistrust and reluctance to buy.

Live selling solves this problem by bringing the personal touch back to eCommerce. Live selling is a relatively new technology that allows shoppers to watch a live video stream of a merchant selling their products. These live streams mimic the in-person shopping experience, allowing consumers to ask questions and get to know the merchant before making a purchase. In addition, live selling provides an additional avenue for promotion and marketing during crucial shopping periods such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As eCommerce grows, live selling allows merchants to differentiate themselves from the competition and build trust with shoppers.

Kickstart Black Friday 2022 with more sales

Black Friday sales can make or break your whole year. We understand you, like other merchants, will put a lot of effort into getting the most out of this period. You can do it alone or have a partner to help you get the most out of your mobile shoppers. Plobal Apps is more than a mobile app builder. We partner with merchants to discover, plan and implement the best mobile commerce solutions. And we are prepared to provide everything you need to kickstart your holiday with more sales. 


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