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7 Reasons Why Every Shopify Store Needs A Mobile App

Shopify mobile app

Mobile technology has become omnipresent, playing a significant role in almost all aspects of everyday life. The retail space has also caught on with the trend. In fact, a recent Report by Criteo reveals a 120%  higher overall conversion rate on apps as compared to mobile browsers. Also, shoppers using mobile apps browse 286% more products than mobile web shoppers, leading to an add-to-cart rate that is 90% more than mobile browsers. So, with all the proven benefits that an app may bring, you’d be wise to consider creating a retailer mobile app of your own.

Here’s how shopify mobile app could benefit you and your business.

Not so long ago, a Shopify mobile app for your store may have seemed like an indulgence for most retail companies. However, in a short period of time, it has developed from purely a discretionary endeavor into an absolute necessity for any retail business seeking to remain competitive in today’s market. Here are just a few of the benefits you can leverage with the addition of a mobile app to complement your business.

  • Increased sales: You already saw the numbers. Now here’s the reasoning. Intuitive apps highlight relevant products and streamline the process of purchasing, thereby winning over digital consumers. This translates to increased engagement and increased sales. At the very least, businesses trying to decide if they should launch a mobile app will be reassured to know that the technology has a proven connection to increased sales.
  • Richer customer experience: Consumer experience matters. From a customer perspective, the most apparent benefit of using a Shopify mobile app is the clear emphasis on user experience. Speed and convenience are key today, and the faster and smoother the buying process on the app, the more sales your business will record. Also, your shopify mobile app is an extension of your brand, so offering features exclusively on the app, enabling customized shopping experiences and easy payments, drives sales in a big way.
  • Deeper analytics: Rich customer experience depends on knowing your customers. And this requires data. With a shopify mobile app on your side, your store will have access to a vast array of sophisticated analytics, which will help you understand your customers better, and thus make data-driven business decisions to enhance shopping experience, resulting in increased sales. The data will also enable you to identify cost cutting avenues, drive ROI and determine potential obstacles to customer retention.

  • Fosters consumer loyalty: An app keeps you in contact with your customers. Between the accessibility and personalised experience of your mobile app, customers are far more likely to interact with your business on a daily basis.  Also, push notifications can be a powerful ally to help you connect with them directly, and personally. Studies suggest that push messages are, in fact, more effective than emails.
  • Wider reach: A mobile app provides an easy way to create and access a profile that people can link to their various social media accounts. As a result, the streamlined connectivity between some of their most frequently used apps allows users to have an experience that is specific to them. Connecting to social media also increases your visibility and brand awareness, as well as starts conversations around it and helps more people connect with it.
  • Meet the millennials: You’ll find today’s millennials forever on their phones. It won’t come as a surprise to know that they’re big spenders, and that they shop from their mobile phones. Shopify Mobile app serve, not just as a great marketing tool, but also as a direct gateway for purchasing your products.
  • Further establish your brand and mission: Because mobile apps are still growing in popularity, having one to call your own creates an inherent professionalism for your brand. Depending on how you position your app, it can also propel your brand awareness to new heights and spread the word about what sets you apart from your competition.

Time to Go for Shopify Mobile App

While having a retailer shopify mobile app cannot solely ensure business success, it is certainly one of the strongest tools you can add to your current business. The opportunity to have a direct impact on your customers – and to remain relevant in the eyes of your current audience – is too powerful to ignore and greatly outweighs the initial investment required to get a mobile app up and running.

Mobiles have become the leading digital platform, and this trend is here to stay. According to the 2016 US Mobile App Report, “Smartphone apps have become the primary access vehicle to the Internet, representing half of total digital media time spent.” But for a moment, forget these facts and numbers. Look to your competitors. If they’re using apps for their business, then you’re already behind. Maybe it’s time to catch up and get ahead.



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