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Plobal Apps launches Connector for Shopify Flow

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve launched a new connector for Flow, the e-commerce workflow automation platform by Shopify.

Shopify Flow helps e-commerce merchants automate various workflows between the many tools they use so that people can focus on the most impactful tasks. Flow also reduces the dependency of business teams on developers by removing the need for custom code to make multiple tools work together.

How Shopify Flow works

A workflow has three basic components, a trigger, a condition, and an action.

For an action to work, it must have a “trigger”. Plobal Apps actions will work on any triggers provided by default in the Flow app, or by other third party vendors which have integrated with Flow. To understand in detail how Shopify Flow works, check out the extensive documentation in the Shopify Help Center.

The Plobal Apps Connector

The Plobal Apps Flow connector enables you to send smart, personalized campaigns across your mobile apps user base via two actions:

  • Mass push notification – Send a push notification to all your mobile app users
  • Individual push notification – Send a push notification to an individual mobile app user

Example Use Cases

Here are some workflows you can run with the Plobal Apps connector:

  • Send a mobile push notification to all your app users when a new product is launched
  • Send a push notification to individual app users when they move up a tier in LoyaltyLion
  • Add points on Swell Rewards and send push notification to customer upon placing an order on the mobile app

How to get Shopify Flow

Download and install it from the app store, and then ask your Shopify Account Manager to enable Flow for you.

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