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Plobal Apps + Searchanise: Smarter Search, More Revenue on Mobile Apps

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Search is almost the default user behavior across websites and mobile apps. The only thing worse than the absence of Search as a feature is having a below par one.

The standards of search, in general, have become so high that having a sub-standard experience can be a make or break moment in the app user journey.

We understand the importance of the function and hence joined hands with Searchanise to bring a smarter search experience to all Shopify mobile apps.

Plobal Apps x Searchanise = Smarter Search, More Revenues on Mobile Apps

What changes after the integration?

With Searchanise’s robust search algorithm, we are now offering an enhanced search experience on our mobile apps. Users on our apps will now be able to view search results based on relevance to the search term instead of a simple text match.

The integration’s impact on the search experience is so huge that we need to paint a before-after picture for you.

Let’s understand it with an example. Imagine a user searching for ‘red‘ on a fashion and apparel app. Prior to the Searchanise integration, the results they would see were everything from ‘Blue Jacket also available in Red Variant‘, ‘A Red Mini Dress‘, ‘A Sleeveless Top with Red buttons‘ and ‘A Pink Summer Dress made by Red Lace Designers‘ in no particular order of relevance.

While the results are technically in some way related to the search term – Red, that’s not what a customer is usually expecting to see when he is searching for ‘red‘ on a fashion app.

That changes after implementing Searchanise. Now when the user searched on the app for ‘red‘, the search results are ordered with relevance to the search terms. The user would now see ‘a red mini dress‘, ‘a strapless red dress‘, ‘a red gown‘ and so on.

A better search experience like this, not only makes the whole mobile app experience delightful but also takes the customers to the product they want, and faster. Thus shortening the conversion loop and boosting revenues instantly.

Do you want an enhanced search experience for your store?

Well, that was a rhetorical question. You obviously do.

If you still don’t have a mobile app, write to us on

If you have a mobile app on the Plobal Apps platform, drop a line at and we will get Searchanise implemented on your app.

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