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Mobile App Engagement Strategies : A Complete Guide for Shopify Store Owners

Mobile App Engagement

Businesses big and small are realizing the importance of building and maintaining an active user base for their mobile app and this is where app engagement strategies come into the picture. Mobile app engagement is all about encouraging users who have downloaded your app to return to your app and remain active over time.

Talking about the importance of mobile engagement for your business, you’ll be surprised to know that close to 25% of the total number of downloaded apps are uninstalled after the very first use. Hence, app engagement is one of the most critical parts of app monetization.

Strategies for Ecommerce Mobile App Engagement

We have compiled 4 strategies that will make your users love your Shopify mobile app and come back for more. So, how can you ensure that your users never stop engaging with your app?

Push Notifications To Keep Users Updated

Push notifications are a great way for brands to engage their customers. Apps with push notifications tend to have 88% higher engagement rates. You can engage with you users by sending them push notifications about product launches, discounts, seasonal sales, etc. Push notifications, if used intelligently, can re-engage users who have been inactive by drawing attention to the most powerful features and/or content on the app.

However, for push notifications to be effective, it is essential to identify customer segments, and then target them with notifications that are relevant to them. In other words, the trick lies in sending notifications that add value in some way. For example, while a push notification like the one you see below is highly relevant to women, the same notification might not be that relevant to men.

Social Sharing From Your Mobile App

Social media can be a powerful promotional tool to bring in new users on board and engage existing users. While we have seen how social media can drive users to your app through deep linking, social media sharing is a good way of increasing organic users.

If you have an ecommerce app, you can reap the benefits of social sharing by putting up social media buttons on the product pages of your app. This way, your users can share products they love with their friends, family and colleagues, which in turn can drive more users to your app. Enabling your users to share on social media can be effective in building brand awareness and loyalty for your brand.

Deep Linking For Better User Experience

Deep linking is an effective tool to direct your users to in-app content that is highly targeted and is meaningful. With deep linking technology gaining ground, linking on apps is no longer limited to the home page of the app. With the traditional linking tools, the user is directed to the home page of the app when he clicks on a product displayed as a part of a banner ad.

Deep linking, on the other hand, takes the user directly to the page that is most relevant to him. If the user already has the app downloaded on his mobile, he is taken directly to the product page on the app instead. This improves user experience by helping the user find the right product in the least amount of time, which helps increase the conversion rates.

Deep linking combined with social sharing provides an amazing tool for mobile app engagement.

Tracking In-app Engagement Activity

App analytics is a tool that allows you to keep a track on your users’ behavior and how they interact with your app. You can analyze how many users are downloading your app, which are the most visited screens, how much time your users are spending on your app, and much more.

This information can be used to create personalized push-notifications or in-app engagement activities that would lead to more engagement.


Mobile App engagement techniques can go a long way in making your users fall in love with your app and build brand awareness. So, be it deep linking, social sharing, or push notifications, using them creatively can really help your business in user retention


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