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How A Mobile App Drove $50k+ Revenues For SniperGang Apparel

SniperGang Apparel

This is a guest post by Reginald Bourdeau, Owner at Complex Graphics.

It’s not every day that a world-famous rapper comes to you and tells you that he wants you to build a website for him, right? I’m Reggie, and I’m the owner at Complex Graphics – a multimedia designing company based out of Miami. We help our customers with Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media and Printing Solutions.

Earlier this year, something really interesting happened with me and my team and I’m here to let you in, on the story.

Sometime in January, we got a call from Florida Rapper, Kodak Black’s marketing team informing us that Black wanted to move to the business side of things and wanted to start his own clothing label called ‘Sniper Gang Apparel’. They wanted us to build an official website for the brand which would sell apparel and merchandise, provide Black’s gig updates, news, headlines, music and more.

We met the marketing team a couple of times to understand their website requirements and within the first few meetings we realized that it wasn’t about building an eCommerce website, alone. They wanted us to design an integrated platform that would connect Black with his fans and followers and give them up-to-the-minute updates about all things Kodak.

We chose Shopify, one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms to build SniperGang Apparel, which was officially launched in January 2017. The launch was covered by several top publications such as XXL Magazine, USA Today and Billboard.

With Kodak’s immense popularity and a solid marketing strategy, we started seeing a lot of traffic coming to the website. We weregetting amazing traction and Kodak’s merchandise was selling in huge volumes with orders coming in from all parts of the world!

Paving the Way Ahead

In terms of Marketing, we were trying various traditional marketing channels like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Resellers, Email, Ads, Videos, PR, etc. to promote the brand and pull more traffic to the website.

However, Annie, Marketing Manager at SniperGang Apparel was keen on looking beyond conversions. One evening, she called us and said, “Guys, can we look at something new? Something more? Are there any more potential sales channels that we still haven’t explored?”

Untapped sales channels? That got us thinking!

We were pretty much doing everything that eCommerce and music companies put together do to promote their website, so what is it that we were missing out on?

Finding the Missing Puzzle

We knew this could not be a gut call, but had to be more  of a data driven solution. We sat with our team of analysts and deep-dived into understanding our current data, such as: channels used to access the storefront, total time spent by users, geo-locations of these users, and lots more.

Data revealed that more than 30% of our website traffic came from mobile.

30%! Boy, that’s significant traffic. We realized that SniperGang Apparel needed a stronger mobile presence to leverage this traffic and get us closer to our growth goals. Having worked our way to get remarkable initial traction, we had to figure a way to drive more conversions through mobile.

Knowing that commerce is now mobile first, we thought of exploring alternatives which could help us quickly test mobile as a platform and analyse if a mobile app would serve as a powerful growth channel for Sniper Gang Apparel.

Betting High on Mobile

We started approaching app development companies to build a custom mobile app for SniperGang Apparel. An average of 7 out of 10 agencies told us that they’d take anywhere between 3-6 months to develop the app. More so, in terms of cost, they quoted in the range of $25,000 to $50,000 depending on the features required. Honestly, after building our website with Shopify, longer timelines and bigger budgets were not what we had in mind.

We wanted to quickly test if mobile could be our next big growth channel, and wanted a solution that would help us figure that out with lesser time & effort.

Mobile App in Minutes?

While browsing for app development companies, I came across Plobal Apps, a DIY mobile app builder.

For all those who don’t know what DIY mobile app platforms do, these platforms help online businesses build their mobile app within minutes. They have pre-designed layouts & themes, which easily integrate with your website and create your app in no time, without you having to write a single line of code.

On reading a little more about DIY app builders, I them I figured that they seemed like the solution that we were looking for. I skimmed through Plobal Apps’ product portfolio and I went through their client reviews on their Shopify App Store. After going through their customer reviews and excellent recommendations for support, Annie and I got in touch with their Sales team

They gave us a quick product walk-through and showed us a preview of how our app would look like. That’s when we decided to buy in!

In less than a week, SniperGang Apparel Android & iOS apps went live.

$$$$$ Cashing in on Mobile!

Given Kodak’s popularity, plus the website’s success, getting app installs for SniperGang Apparel was relatively easy. We used traditional marketing channels to promote the app to garner quick downloads.

We anyway had significant traffic coming to our website through mobile and we wanted to capitalize on these visitors.

To drive app installs organically, we used the Redirectify Tool provided by Plobal Apps which let us place a widget on our website to tell our visitors about the new app and to further prompt them to download it.


Within the first month of the launch, we got more than 5000 app users (both iOS and Android) and clocked in a whopping revenue of $10,000+

Following the same marketing route, along with a few Growth hacks provided by Plobal Apps each week, we started seeing consistent traction.

In a time span of 3 months, our app downloads increased from 5000 to 28,000+ driving a strong five digit revenue of $50k+.

 “Since launching our app we’ve seen a significant increase in our mobile sales and conversions.  The mobile app added a whole new revenue channel for us bringing in fresh sales month-on-month. Literally, everything you need is literally at your finger tips.” – Reginald Bourdeau, Owner at Complex Graphics.


As a parting note, I’d like to say that if you’re running an eCommerce company, looking for additional revenue channels, and have about 30%  or more traffic coming in from mobile, then you must take mobile apps more seriously.

 “Download the official Sniper Gang App for the latest news and most up to date content.” – Kodak Black

I hope our story inspires you and helps your business in more ways than one!

Feel free to leave your comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts/ideas.

SaaS platforms like Plobal Apps provide a fully native, feature-rich mobile app development platform that integrates with your online store and gives your brand a mobile app experience is as less as 5 minutes, and far more cost-effective than most of the app development service agencies in North America.


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