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Important Things You Need to Know Before Building a Mobile App

mobile app development

Anyone who built an eCommerce mobile app would tell you it’s not easy. You have to take a lot of factors into consideration. The numerous devices to support, multiple operating systems, getting the designs to spot on, drilling down to the required features, testing your app, and maintaining, etc., over time can get complicated.

To help you through this, we have created a list of the most important things you should consider to make your app development process as easy as possible.

Mobile App Design and Layout

How your users perceive and use your app has a lot to do with your app’s design and user interface. The key is to keep the design and the layout simple and focus on helping users find and check out the products they are looking for with the least effort. So, a simple and intuitive design is what you should aim for – one that your target user group is familiar with. To get started, follow the design guidelines set by iOS and Android. Also, refer to the designs, layouts, and flows of popular e-commerce apps.

Features of a Mobile App

Deciding on the right set of features is essential to the app development process. Even a competitive list of products can do little toward the app’s success if the correct parts are not in place. Here’s a link to a detailed list of features we have compiled for you. We have also covered a few critical points for an eCommerce app that are usually overlooked.

a] Push Notifications:

Push notifications help you connect with new users and reconnect with your existing users. Push notifications can be a powerful marketing tool that you can use to keep your users informed of upcoming product launches, promotions, and events and offer them personalized discount codes and coupons. Push notifications can effectively increase the revenue generated per user over time.

b] Security Updates

App security protects the app from bugs and hackers. Regular security updates make your app more secure, as every update covers the latest bugs and threats. Since eCommerce apps require users to enter sensitive information, ensuring your app is closed in every way is essential to win the trust of your users.

c] Real-time Store Sync

Real-time sync means updating your web store; your mobile app store gets updated automatically and in real time. This allows for hassle-free inventory management and a consistent shopping experience. A DIY platform offers all these features and more and will enable you to choose the ones that best cater to your business.

d] Testing Your App

Your users will have difficulty using your app if it has bugs and other issues. This makes it crucial to test your app before it is live on the App store and Play Store. Hiring the job can be expensive, b can be costly you cannot afford to ignore it.

Mobile App Dashboard Performance

So, your app is now live. What next? How many people have downloaded your app? How much ROI have you earned from your app?

App performance tracking tools can help you track the fundamental parameters that give you a fair idea of your app’s performance and where you need to improve it. Make sure, along with a mobile app, you have set up tracking for all the critical business metrics, viz., app installs, app revenues, etc.

About Plobal Apps 

Plobal Apps is an official Shopify partner for DIY mobile app development. Our unique platform gives you a simple, powerful, and dynamic means for creating a native app on Android and IOS platforms for your Shopify website in under 5 minutes.


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