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How To Leverage Facebook Ads To Increase Your Shopify Store Sales

facebook ads for Shopify store

Boosting eCommerce sales requires effective marketing. That means using channels that give you the opportunity to cast a wide net, while also targeting potential customers who would be genuinely interested in your business. Facebook is an extremely useful tool in this respect. With approximately 2.19 billion active monthly users, the social media platform allows marketers to reach a wide audience, and Facebook Ads also allows them to target the right audience. From carousel ad formats…

2019 Events and Holidays for E-commerce. Get the Calendar and Get Planning.

If you’d asked someone about the biggest e-commerce promotions about five years ago, Christmas or Thanksgiving would have been popular answers. But those times are long past us. Naturally, competition has gone up, and brands are fighting to capture market share. To keep the cash registers ringing, craft your e-commerce strategy around major holidays throughout the year, and not just Q4. Read on to identify the key events for boosting revenue and running relevant marketing…

Why Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates Are High And How To Recover Your Lost Sales [Infographic]

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

According to various studies conducted online, eCommerce stores experience upto 77% of cart abandonment rates. On an average, Baymard Institute reports that shopping cart abandonment rates remain at least a 69.89% across the world – irrespective of what an online store sells. If you take numbers into account, that’s a whole lot of people reaching your website and leaving without making a purchase. To make things worse, these people reached your website through all the…

Make Your Dreams Of Owning An Online Store Come True With Dropshipping


If you have been thinking about starting your online business and have confused hearing all about dropshipping, this post is definitely for you. We work with a number of Shopify stores and the one thing we know about them, is that they are passionate about getting the best of products to their target markets – no matter what it takes for them to get the products in place, to start with. But if you’re not…

Plobal apps Launches iMessage Stickers For Shopify To Boost Brand Recall

iMessage Stickers

Shopify is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms that enables businesses to take their products online and sell to a global market. The ease of setting up an online store has actually resulted in a new store being launched every other day. No matter what products your store sells today, there is always at least 10 more that have competitive products. Don’t believe us? Well, Shopify themselves announced that they now power more than 500,000…