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Plobal Apps Is Hosting An Official Shopify Meetup In Pune This Month

Plobal Apps Is Hosting An Official Shopify Meetup In Pune This Month

Plobal Apps is hosting a Shopify Meetup in Pune on June 29, 2018. We’re inviting everyone over at our office to share meet local merchants, Shopify experts and Shopify partners. The meetup is for anyone who wants to takeaway actionable insights to grow their online business this year. Here’s everything you need to know! Who are we? When we started off, we wanted to make it easier for businesses to take their products online and…

Shopify Unite 2018 Update: What Merchants Should Look Out For

shopify unite 2018 update

Shopify Unite is an annual event where Shopify partners and developers come together to celebrate their accomplishments, network with one another and redefine the future of commerce technology with fresh ideas. Like every year, the Shopify Unite 2018 was power packed with announcements and launches that are going to change the way we view eCommerce today. But there are some that the merchants need to pay close attention to, to leverage maximum growth! So while…

Shopify Store Mobile App: How To Get Your First 500 Users In 10 Days

Shopify store mobile app getting app users

You have an amazing product range in place. So you decided to set up your Shopify store and take them to a global market, by leveraging various sales channels – marketplaces, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and others. However, there is one channel that most Shopify store entrepreneurs miss out on, but is of the utmost importance considering the consumer trends – mobile. Here’s your guide on getting the first 500 users for your Shopify store mobile…

Plobal Apps Launches Google Instant Apps for Shopify Stores

google instant apps for shopify

When the search engine giant announced the availability of Google Instant Apps for Shopify on the Play Store, it opened doors for many businesses to address their mobile consumers effectively. Here’s everything you need to know. What are Google Instant Apps? Android apps have been evolving at a fast pace. With the Google Instant Apps, they are now given the ability to run instantly, without installation. The goal is to improve user experience by reducing…

How To Choose Shopify Apps That Grow Your Online Store Sales [Infographic]

how to choose shopify apps infographic

You have set up your online store on Shopify and are all set to reach out to a global market. But apart from the advertisements that you will use to promote your products and get some eyeballs on your store, you will need a bunch of other tools and apps to optimize your budgets further. While there are literally thousands of Shopify apps available on the store, you need to be able to pick out…